Complete Certified Road Worthy Bikes from around the world

We search the world for your bike based on budget, brand preference, one stop shopping 

We take care of all import duties and costs for our clients

We provide a more tailored custom bike purchasing experience

We also perform pre inspection services 

We also provide documentation for your bike

 Complete Component Stripping to the bare frame

Clean and polish thread facings

We also align Derailleur Hangers

Full wheel truing and Hub Overhaul and Adjust

Headset Bottom Bracket Overhaul and Adjustment

Inner cable and Housing Replacement 

  • Frame & Fork Safety Inspection
  • Drivetrain Component wear inspection
  • Bearing Wear Inspection (Wheel Bearings/Bottom Bracket/Headset/Pulley Wheels/Pedals)
  • Gear Adjust and Tune
  • Brake Adjust
  • Full Bike Bolt Torque Check and Adjustment
  • Post Service Test Ride